Monday, August 5, 2013

The history of needle felting

I thought my readers would enjoy reading about needle felting. It was started in the 80's by an artist. This artist discovered that by combining a barbed needle with wool he could make art. He taught another person and she wrote a book about it. It has been almost 30 years since the invention of needle felting and people on the street still ask me what I am doing? For more info on needle felting history go to this link

Saturday, July 20, 2013

check out this video about glass blowing

Thursday, June 20, 2013

6 Flags

       I went to Six Flags on Tuesday with some Friends of mine. We had a lot of fun. This was my second theme park in less then 3 months. We had all bought our tickets online and then each got slapped with an $8 processing fee. I have to ask a processing fee for what? So instead of paying $40 like I thought we would, we ended up paying almost $50. We did however all upgrade to a seasons pass for $20 more.
         The Superman is the biggest rollercoaster in the park and it has the worst reputation. Years ago an obese man got on the ride. He was too fat to fit into the seat properly and on the last turn he fell out of his seat, into a ditch and died. Since then they have changed the name of the coaster to Bizarro.  Bizarro is like the anti superman. This coaster has an almost 90 degree dip at the start of the ride. I was too chicken to go on the ride, but my friends went on.
       We went on another ride called Gotham City. It was a coaster. My friends described at as Mouse Trap the game. It was a cute little coaster and perfect for 2 people who felt like jello after being on Bizarro.
     We also rode Catwomans Whip and that was another batman related coaster. There were three Batman coasters. Catwoman was very whippy. Batman was the largest of those three coasters.
     It rained on us. It started raining at about 2pm. We went into cold stone to get ice cream. Most of the food in the park is all chain restaurants. I had the Birthday Cake Remix at Cold Stone. We came out and it had started to downpour. We stood under an awning while we ate our treats. People were head to the nearest shelters, huddling under awnings, riding the carousel, and or leaving. Most of the rides were outside and they were closing. I had brought my rain jacket and left it in the car.
         My phone crapped out on me. I had leaded it to one of the girls because she did not bring her phone and she was going off by herself with her boys. It worked fine on the way to the park. She gave it back to me at lunch saying that she could not get it to work. I just thought that because it was crap phone anyway that she did not know how to use it. Right before it started to rain I noticed that it was doing stuff without me touching it. It was taking pictures without me touching it and the touch screen did not work and nor did the buttons. The only buttons that worked were the main menu button, volume and to lock or turn it off. I had a hassle trying to turn it off.